About Our Diary

This weblog is dedicated to my wife’s struggle with cancer.  The title comes from the prayer request she during one of our family devotions.  She has been diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer.  This blog is intended to share what we have learned about both conventional and alternative cancer treatments.  It is inspired by the Christians, friends and relatives who support us and specially the Harvesters Sunday School Class led by Dean Tesch.  Cancer is such a pervasive disease in our generation and the standard operating procedure pushed by “Big Medicine” and “Big Pharmaceuticals” is surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  Through an email from the mother of my son’s friend, Mrs. Briggs (in New Zealand) we found out about the Budwig Protocol.  This small email launched us into a whirlwind of research which has brought us to this point.  My wife is a fighter and we want to document the efficacy of this treatment for all the world to see.  Last of all, all that we do is showered with prayer since this connection gives us, at the very least, the comfort and the positive attitude which comes from knowing that someone much greater and much more powerful than us cares about us.  If you come upon our site for a visit, please document your stay with a comment or two.  May God bless all who visit our site.

2 Responses to About Our Diary

  1. Ted Holzmann says:

    Dear Ariel and Elvira,
    I just took time to read all of your posts.
    Thank you so very much for passing along the location of this blog.
    I imagine that these are very tender days for you; surprise, then hope, now relief, mixed with concerned anticipation over the results of the Navarro test. So much!
    May you be continuously uplifted by the flow of grace from our Father.
    “Come, let us return to the Lord:
    He has torn us, but he will heal us,
    He has wounded us, but he will bandage us.
    He will revive us after two days,
    He will raise us up on the third day,
    That we may live before him.
    So, let us know, let us press on to know the Lord.
    His going forth is as certain as the dawn,
    And he will come to us like the rain,
    Like the spring rain watering the earth.”
    Hosea 6:1-3

    I have been reciting these verses during my 3x/wk runs. As the daylight lightens the sky, these verses remind me of His faithfulness. Now they will also remind me to pray for you.

    I read to Diane each night before we turn the lights out. Our current book, “Love and War,” by the Eldredges, might be of great encouragement to you. It has done much to help us with perspective about marriage, the reality of the war we are in, and how to truly engage the battle together as a couple.

    We love you!
    Ted, for us both

  2. Ted,

    Thanks for the words of encouragement.

    Ariel – for both of us

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