April 2012 Update

It has been 5 months since we made our last post.  I thought it would be good to document where we now stand.  In February,in our search for a system to battle this disease, we happened upon Hallelujah Acres website and decided to visit.  We took the 2 hour long ride from our place to Shelby NC for the free seminars they have on the first Saturday of every month.  There we saw this sprightly, bouncy and eloquent octagenarian George Malkmus expound upon the virtues of a 100% plant based diet, 85% raw and 15% cooked.  Since my wife is vegan anyway, we wanted to learn more.  George Malkmus, himself, is a cancer survivor, diagnosed with  colon cancer at age 42.  He had a tumor in his colon the size of an orange. You can read the rest of his testimony from his website, but to make the long story short, his cancer has been eradicated by the diet which is similar to the Gerson therapy diet.  He has not gotten sick in the last 40 or so odd years and does not even carry medical insurance. ( I don’t know what he plans to do about Obamacare when the government forces him to buy medical insurance or pay a fine.).  Anyway, my wife has been on the recovery diet (for those fighting disease) for the past 5 weeks.  The diet is mainly based on vegetable juices and Barleymax (a barley grass juice that is dehydrated and turned to powder).  She juices carrots and green vegetables and alternates that freshly pressed juice with the Barleymax.  Some of the joint pain that she felt in January and February have slowly disappeared and her strength continued to improve..A couple of weeks ago, she found a lesion in her mouth that was quite troublesome and had the appearance of early stage oral cancer.  Somewhere in this blog site, a friend by the name of Roseanne told us how hydrogen peroxide helped her get rid of a lesion in her liver by ingesting a carefully prepared and diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide.  My wife, instead of ingesting, applied the hydrogen peroxide mix with a water pik applicator and over the course of a few days, the lesion has disappeared.

My wife is back to her gardening ways again and that is refreshing to behold.

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