Update from latest CT Scan

Well the last CT scan was in January and that was clear of any tumor growth.  The latest one was in October 17, 2011 – nearly 10 months after.  We had been bracing for the worst and the results indicate that my wife is still clear of any tumors in the liver, spleen, adjacent lymph nodes, and anywhere in the abdominal area.  Her CEA was only very slightly elevated from 1.4 to 1.9 – still in the normal range.   This is great news – and praise God.

My wife and I walk almost everyday.  We have a 2 mile loop that goes up and down hills.  I myself have logged over 150 miles over the last three months and my wife has not logged her miles but it is still significant.

She is now completely vegan with no dairy and no gluten and very low sugar.  It has been just over a year since her diagnosis and barely over a year since her colon resection.  She will finally have her chemo port removed in the next few weeks.

Our hope is we can make it another year and have no tumor growth.

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4 Responses to Update from latest CT Scan

  1. Hi !!

    My name is Sandrine, i am 30. I have found your views on cancer diet very intereseting as myself was diagnosed 2 years ago from colon cancer, i had 3 surgeries in 3 months following my diagnosis as the cancer became a metastasis on one of my ovaries+ 6months of intensive chemo. I thought i was fine until october during an exam routine they found out i had a cyst on the last ovary, they had to remove it and the biopsy came positive on cancer. They then did a pet scan that show a lump in the pouch of douglas and one on my right lung. You just start wondering what you have done wrong until you realise that yes, diet is a big part of it even though i have always made sure i would never drink fizzy drinks, one coffee once in a while, cheese a lot (im french, that does not help !!) and my little chocolate sometimes. But stress yes, definitely is a massive part of it. I have become vegetarian for a week now, feel good, eat more seeds and wholegrain things, seaweed….stopped sugar, caffeine, alcohol and started hempseed oil, vit c, d3 and b12 with coq10 also. When they told me that i had to go through 3 months chemo, i thought, this won’t be good and the results were that i nearly died and for me it was a wake up call, i am not dying now, wake up…I stopped chemo, got the pick line removed a week ago, feel stronger than ever, starting healing meditation 2 times a day and recently started giqong. I am also going to a retreat next month in Australia, the Gawler foundation near Melbourne.
    I am more positive than ever. I hope your wife carries on living for as long as she wants it to.
    best wishes

    • Elvira Jacala says:

      Hello Sandrine,
      Glad to know that things are turning out for the better for you. Indeed, diet has a lot to do with healing our body, managing our stress and thinking positively and exercise regularly. I share your fight against cancer, and as much as i did not go for chemotheraphy, I watch what I eat 80% raw vegetables and 15% cooked , all vegan and doing a lot of vegetable juicing and also supplements .Please google Hallelujah Acres for more info. The founder also had colon cancer when he was 42 years old and was healed by doing the Hallelujah diet as stated above.He is now 78 years old and going strong. God is good! Praying hard for complete healing, but at the same token, living and eating healthy. Praying for your complete recovery. Keep in touch! (responding in behalf of my husband).

  2. Jennifer Weigt says:


    I have been thinking of you often, wondering how you are doing and praying for you when God brings you to mind. You have been in my thoughts a lot here lately, so I googled your name and found this blog. Please know that you are missed at GrMH. Hope this finds you doing great! Thank you for being an inspiration to pay attention to what I’m eating and how it affects my body. Miss you.

  3. Elvira Jacala says:

    Hi Jen, surprised to hear from you and my apologies for not responding sooner. I have not visited this site for a while. I appreciate you for thinking of and praying for me. Miss you and the the rest of the gang at GrMH though not missing the stress and the craziness of the place. One of these days, I will visit you. God has richly blessed me inspite of these infirmity(just the darker shade of a bright and colorful picture), seeing the world and people in a different light and appreciating what is truly beautiful,setting my priorities straight and enjoying life as God has meant us to. Through these all, God’s will prevails,and only that truly matters. My best regards to you and your family. Take care and God Bless!

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