Inner Growth after Cancer Diagnosis, by David Haas

David sent this to me and I am publishing it unedited:

Inner growth following a diagnosis of cancer is often mediated through real changes that loved ones and family members can see. The person may demonstrate enhanced lifestyle choices through diet and exercise that show a firm commitment to fighting the disease. It takes inner maturity, resolve, discipline, tenacious spirit, and drive to make substantial lifestyle changes.

Spiritual growth and spiritual decline are two factors that are harder to measure, but they are still measured through instruments of science applying the rigor of the scientific method. Doctors examined spiritual growth and spiritual decline following a diagnosis of cancer and discovered that spiritual growth was associated with spiritual well being following a diagnosis of cancer while spiritual decline was associated with negative well being, predictably.

Inner growth and maturity is often required because a diagnosis of cancer can threaten inner growth and inner meaning, resulting in a feeling of disintegration. It can be necessary to fight back with inner growth and a strong sense of personal identity to overcome the gap created by a diagnosis of cancer.

Learning to live with uncertainty and recognizing human limitations is one way that it is easier to cope with cancer.


When one receives a diagnosis of cancer, whether it is melanoma, breast cancer, or a rare and terminal disease like mesothelioma, one requires a great amount of inner growth and resolve to deal with such a strong diagnosis.  If one receives a diagnosis of a terminal disease, for example if someone were to receive a mesothelioma prognosis, they can feel overwhelmed by just how devastating it is. Spiritual growth and spiritual transformation can be difficult and hard to bear following a diagnosis of cancer, but it is necessary because it allows for better coping of the disease. Without a lot of time invested in such an important exercise, a person can be left feeling inadequate to deal with something so devastating.

The STS, or spiritual transformation scale, is a great tool for assessing the spiritual growth and transformation of a cancer survivor and make his or her journey through the disease a measureable process as far as spirituality is concerned. This scale is one of the chief tools to measure inner growth, and it is highly recommended by the national cancer institute.


Growth as a person will not cure cancer, but it can help one’s mind cope with the idea of what cancer can do. Development can also help one become closer with his or her family members and loved ones. Do not let cancer take away the person you are and they ways in which you can grow.


By: David Haas


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