Case Studies – People Who Have Survived With and Without Chemo

The following people are people we met or found out about who have stories to tell about their struggles with cancer with and without chemo:

Roseanne had colon cancer and she had colon resection surgery to remove the colon portion with the tumor.  She had 4/32 lymph nodes with cancer.  She had gone through 6 months of chemo – FOLFOX.  She also was on Protocel and Pawpaw during the initial chemo.  Her CEAs had been really low <1.  After having been declared cancer free – she had found through follow up CT scan that she had a lesion in her liver.  The oncologist prognosis had been surgery and additional chemo.  The lesion was still too small to be removed with any precision.  While in the queue for the chemo, she tried peroxide therapy and found that this therapy reduced the size of the lesion.  Having had this finding, she was able to not have to go through with the chemotherapy.

Rosemary has stage 3 breast cancer.  She had a lumpectomy and is on IV Vitamin C therapy.

Rosemary’s husband:  He had colon cancer and had colon resection surgery.  Surgery was all he had and has been cancer free 13 years as of this writing.

Clory:  A friend of my mom’s had colon cancer, went through chemo and was diagnosed with lung cancer after having been through the chemo.  They had since removed a portion of her lung.  She is still alive as of this writing.  I do not know if she went through a second round of chemotherapy.

Dave: He had stage 3 colon cancer and had the tumor shrunk with radiation before resection.  He had gone through chemo (FOLFOX) and has been cancer free for three years.

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2 Responses to Case Studies – People Who Have Survived With and Without Chemo

  1. Rosanne says:

    I see your reference to my experience in your blog. I’d just like to clarify one thing. I took the Protocel and PawPaw while I was on chemo. When I took the peroxide, I was not on the Protocel and PawPaw. In fact if anything I think they (Protocel and PawPaw) may have stopped the chemo from being effective. And since they are both antioxidants would probably actually counteract the effects of the oxidant (peroxide). You might want to clarify that in case someone else decides to use the peroxide. I’ll keep you and your wife in my prayers…

  2. David Haas says:

    I have a question about your blog. Please email me!

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