One Round of Chemo Done – 11 to Go?

Well, the first round of chemo had not been good.  Lost appetite, really broke down on the immune system supplementation and diet, weakness and neuropathy.  Thank God for getting her enough strength to be able to drive to the clinic that administers the vitamin C therapy.  After a couple of Vitamin C sessions – she felt like a human again.  The last visit with the alternative care doctor disclosed tests earlier concerning heavy metal toxicity.  The test shows that she had elevated levels of lead, arsenic and mercury.   We know where the mercury might have been from – her amalgam fillings which had been drilled out incorrectly by an incompetent dentist.  As for the lead and arsenic – we don’t really know.  Anyway we first had to contend with the cancer but we also know that she would not really get better unless the metal toxicity is also addressed.

One of our prayers had been answered when I was able to sell a car to help generate funds for cancer treatment.  My brother had been a great help by having provided us a place to stay during the chemo.

I chat with my wife on Skype regularly just so I can monitor how she is feeling.  She is getting ready to go into the ring for round 2 of the boxing match with chemo.

We are still waiting for the Navarro test results and we are hopeful that it would give us another marker reading that is more reliable than CEA.  It is due any day now.

Perhaps it is time to fast and pray!!!!

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