December 2016 Update

My wife just had her colonoscopy in December and she is still cancer free in the colon.   She has been put on a 5 year cycle for follow-up colonoscopies.  Dietwise – she is still about 98% Vegan.  I have seen her munch on chicken and fish every now and then.   All her vegetables are still organically grown.  She has been cancer free now since September of 2010.

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May 2014 Update

My wife just had her biannual checkup at the oncologist.  Her CEA is slightly higher at 1.8 but still within the normal range.  Her CEA from a year ago was 1.3.  They now do not consider imaging diagnostics necessary since markers have been good for 2 years now.  Her last PET scan was in September of 2012 which was negative.  The oncologist indicated that the chance of recurrence at this point is very low.  Most colon cancers return after the first three years.   We praise God for being with us through our journey. I admire her for her discipline.

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April 2012 Update

It has been 5 months since we made our last post.  I thought it would be good to document where we now stand.  In February,in our search for a system to battle this disease, we happened upon Hallelujah Acres website and decided to visit.  We took the 2 hour long ride from our place to Shelby NC for the free seminars they have on the first Saturday of every month.  There we saw this sprightly, bouncy and eloquent octagenarian George Malkmus expound upon the virtues of a 100% plant based diet, 85% raw and 15% cooked.  Since my wife is vegan anyway, we wanted to learn more.  George Malkmus, himself, is a cancer survivor, diagnosed with  colon cancer at age 42.  He had a tumor in his colon the size of an orange. You can read the rest of his testimony from his website, but to make the long story short, his cancer has been eradicated by the diet which is similar to the Gerson therapy diet.  He has not gotten sick in the last 40 or so odd years and does not even carry medical insurance. ( I don’t know what he plans to do about Obamacare when the government forces him to buy medical insurance or pay a fine.).  Anyway, my wife has been on the recovery diet (for those fighting disease) for the past 5 weeks.  The diet is mainly based on vegetable juices and Barleymax (a barley grass juice that is dehydrated and turned to powder).  She juices carrots and green vegetables and alternates that freshly pressed juice with the Barleymax.  Some of the joint pain that she felt in January and February have slowly disappeared and her strength continued to improve..A couple of weeks ago, she found a lesion in her mouth that was quite troublesome and had the appearance of early stage oral cancer.  Somewhere in this blog site, a friend by the name of Roseanne told us how hydrogen peroxide helped her get rid of a lesion in her liver by ingesting a carefully prepared and diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide.  My wife, instead of ingesting, applied the hydrogen peroxide mix with a water pik applicator and over the course of a few days, the lesion has disappeared.

My wife is back to her gardening ways again and that is refreshing to behold.

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Update from latest CT Scan

Well the last CT scan was in January and that was clear of any tumor growth.  The latest one was in October 17, 2011 – nearly 10 months after.  We had been bracing for the worst and the results indicate that my wife is still clear of any tumors in the liver, spleen, adjacent lymph nodes, and anywhere in the abdominal area.  Her CEA was only very slightly elevated from 1.4 to 1.9 – still in the normal range.   This is great news – and praise God.

My wife and I walk almost everyday.  We have a 2 mile loop that goes up and down hills.  I myself have logged over 150 miles over the last three months and my wife has not logged her miles but it is still significant.

She is now completely vegan with no dairy and no gluten and very low sugar.  It has been just over a year since her diagnosis and barely over a year since her colon resection.  She will finally have her chemo port removed in the next few weeks.

Our hope is we can make it another year and have no tumor growth.

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Inner Growth after Cancer Diagnosis, by David Haas

David sent this to me and I am publishing it unedited:

Inner growth following a diagnosis of cancer is often mediated through real changes that loved ones and family members can see. The person may demonstrate enhanced lifestyle choices through diet and exercise that show a firm commitment to fighting the disease. It takes inner maturity, resolve, discipline, tenacious spirit, and drive to make substantial lifestyle changes.

Spiritual growth and spiritual decline are two factors that are harder to measure, but they are still measured through instruments of science applying the rigor of the scientific method. Doctors examined spiritual growth and spiritual decline following a diagnosis of cancer and discovered that spiritual growth was associated with spiritual well being following a diagnosis of cancer while spiritual decline was associated with negative well being, predictably.

Inner growth and maturity is often required because a diagnosis of cancer can threaten inner growth and inner meaning, resulting in a feeling of disintegration. It can be necessary to fight back with inner growth and a strong sense of personal identity to overcome the gap created by a diagnosis of cancer.

Learning to live with uncertainty and recognizing human limitations is one way that it is easier to cope with cancer.


When one receives a diagnosis of cancer, whether it is melanoma, breast cancer, or a rare and terminal disease like mesothelioma, one requires a great amount of inner growth and resolve to deal with such a strong diagnosis.  If one receives a diagnosis of a terminal disease, for example if someone were to receive a mesothelioma prognosis, they can feel overwhelmed by just how devastating it is. Spiritual growth and spiritual transformation can be difficult and hard to bear following a diagnosis of cancer, but it is necessary because it allows for better coping of the disease. Without a lot of time invested in such an important exercise, a person can be left feeling inadequate to deal with something so devastating.

The STS, or spiritual transformation scale, is a great tool for assessing the spiritual growth and transformation of a cancer survivor and make his or her journey through the disease a measureable process as far as spirituality is concerned. This scale is one of the chief tools to measure inner growth, and it is highly recommended by the national cancer institute.


Growth as a person will not cure cancer, but it can help one’s mind cope with the idea of what cancer can do. Development can also help one become closer with his or her family members and loved ones. Do not let cancer take away the person you are and they ways in which you can grow.


By: David Haas


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Case Studies – People Who Have Survived With and Without Chemo

The following people are people we met or found out about who have stories to tell about their struggles with cancer with and without chemo:

Roseanne had colon cancer and she had colon resection surgery to remove the colon portion with the tumor.  She had 4/32 lymph nodes with cancer.  She had gone through 6 months of chemo – FOLFOX.  She also was on Protocel and Pawpaw during the initial chemo.  Her CEAs had been really low <1.  After having been declared cancer free – she had found through follow up CT scan that she had a lesion in her liver.  The oncologist prognosis had been surgery and additional chemo.  The lesion was still too small to be removed with any precision.  While in the queue for the chemo, she tried peroxide therapy and found that this therapy reduced the size of the lesion.  Having had this finding, she was able to not have to go through with the chemotherapy.

Rosemary has stage 3 breast cancer.  She had a lumpectomy and is on IV Vitamin C therapy.

Rosemary’s husband:  He had colon cancer and had colon resection surgery.  Surgery was all he had and has been cancer free 13 years as of this writing.

Clory:  A friend of my mom’s had colon cancer, went through chemo and was diagnosed with lung cancer after having been through the chemo.  They had since removed a portion of her lung.  She is still alive as of this writing.  I do not know if she went through a second round of chemotherapy.

Dave: He had stage 3 colon cancer and had the tumor shrunk with radiation before resection.  He had gone through chemo (FOLFOX) and has been cancer free for three years.

Other articles may be found here:

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No 2nd Round of Chemo

I arrived in Pennsylvania yesterday.  My brother flew me in using his frequent flier miles.  We are getting ready to travel to SC tomorrow.  My wife had her last IV Vitamin C infusion on Friday.  We are going to miss the folks at the Wellness Center in NJ.  They are really good folks and we will miss the interaction with the other cancer patients.  Now that the Far Infra Red Sauna is installed at home she can continue her hyperthermia treatments there.  We found a wellness center in Landrum some thirty minutes from home which does both the IV chelation and antioxidant therapy.

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